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About The Book

Broken Ruby is the testimony of K. Louise’s healing process from adultery.  The words were originally written as a journal and evolved into a story of deliverance. K. Louise realized that sharing her story could encourage anyone who has faced similar struggles. Her process was metaphorically parallel to that of a ruby created for beautiful jewelry. The book covers the same phases that a natural ruby goes through. Each phase focuses on a specific  transition that the author went through during the healing process. Those phases are:

Phase 1: Formation

The natural creation and evolution of the jewel –

Childhood to Adulthood

Phase 2: Extraction

The jewel being removed from its natural environment –

Marriage and Adultery

Phase 3: Broken

The jewel undergoing a process of brokenness –


Phase 4: Filled

The jewel being made whole and complete –


Phase 5: Cutting

The jewel being rid of the unnecessary-


Phase 6: Setting

The jewel being placed in a new environment –


Phase 7: Clarity (Bonus Phase)

The jewel’s reflection of Light-


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About The Guided Journal

The Guided journal was created to offer readers the ability to document their own Broken Ruby process. Use this journal while you are reading the book. Write down your thoughts, prayers, experiences and victories that you encounter as you journey through each phase. Get the best out of your Broken Ruby process by using this complimentary resource.

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The book was an EXCELLENT read! I was able to relate to all aspects. I just loved the overall humor. It was detailed, open, honest, sad but inspirational, motivating, etc. The book was powerful in that it did not make excuses for adultery but encouraged one to lean on GOD and his word to guide us through life’s challenges. I would love to read the sequel!
Dana C. Williams
It was beneficial that you were able to connect what was happening generationally in your family. Most people are not able to connect these actions. It puts you on a path to healing and more importantly canceling a curse. Wisdom beyond years of life!!! The genuineness of what you have been through was apparent. I felt you through the book.
Rev. David W. Greene, Sr.
It’s a living breathing testament to what real, growing, transparent faith looks like. It shows how strong women are too. This book provided a transparent look into issues that many of us face, but few feel comfortable enough to tackle. My favorite chapter is about music. Music shapes my life and I understood so much.
C. Wylie
I wish I had a book like this when I was going through my divorce. There are a lot of books to tell you how to move on or give up. But not a lot that teaches you how to deal with the issues head on. This book was very transparent and let us know it’s okay to go through the different stages and divorce is not the only option. My favorite chapter was FILLED.
Alisha D. Dunn
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About The Author

K. Louise is a woman who has been married for nine years and a mother to five children. She has made great strides in the profession of architecture and currently testing to be a registered architect.

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She has always had a passion to help others. She not only helps people and the community through spatial design, but is also active in her church as a youth ministry volunteer.

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